Heat treatment

Turns ordinary wood into valuable wood

► Compared to non-thermal treated wood
- Change of durability class and wood use class
- Increased dimensional stability, up to +60%
- Increased thermal and acoustic insulation
- Homogeneous colour change
- Application for engineered wood
- Odourless and waterproof wood
► Excellent acoustic resonance for musical use
► Reduction and optimisation of treatment time: maximum cycle from 20 hours
► Applicable to any wood and for all thicknesses, even the most complex cases, for lamellas, boards, semi-finished products
WDE Maspell's technology grade is the result of an intense, innovative and constant evolution, which started in 1962 and passed through no less than 91 international patents, leading to the choice of the most advanced engineering solutions and the best materials for construction:
► Servo-assisted loading system.
► Fully automatic, bi-valent control system for drying and thermo-treatment:
Remote monitoring via the internet: fault reporting, real-time data transmission and storage.
Fire and blackout security system
40 programmes which can be edited via touchscreen control panel.
► 304 stainless steel cells for corrosion resistance
► Inverter motors for maximum energy efficiency
► Multiple economic advantages  
- High ROI
- Lower drying cost per m3
- Energy saving - sed vacuum system, no leakage
- Reduction of stocks e and recovery of lower quality material
- Increased process productivity
- Flexibility – delivering heterogeneous batches of material in a short period of time
► PLUG & PLAY installation
► Possibility of external installation, without masonry work and any building permission
► Mobile easily, displaced equipment
►  100% eco-friendly process
- CO2 footprint reduced by 70%**
- Possible energy recovery
- No addition of chemical additives in the treatment
- The gases are condensed and stored for disposal of non-hazardous industrial waste
- Air emissions reduced by 96%
- Controlled cooling without using water
- Reduced deforestation and import of exotic woods
- Ecological wood throughout its life

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