Get the best result in the shortest time possible

► Very high drying quality
 - Homogeneity of final moisture content, at the heart of the wood.  
 - Prevention of cracks and warping defects.
 - Flatness of the dried material.
► Reduced and optimised drying time: up to 20 times faster than other systems.
► Applicable to any wood and for all thicknesses, even the most complex cases
► Suitable for logs, semi-finished products, beams, planks and lamellas
WDE Maspell’s technology grade is the result of an intense, innovative and constant evolution, which started in 1962 and passed through no less than 91 international patents. This led to the choice of the most advanced engineering solutions and the best materials for their construction:
► Standard stack servo-assisted loading system.
►  Fully automatic control system
- Accurate measurement and analysis of process status and machine efficiency
- Remote control and monitoring via internet, real-time data transmission and storage
- 40 editable programmes
-Touch screen control panel
► 304 stainless steel cells to withstand corrosion.
► Inverter motor control for maximum energy efficiency
► Spot check of the heat flow rate of the external boiler.
Multiple economic advantages
- Lower drying cost per m3
- Energy saving - closed vacuum system, no leakage
Reduction of stocks and recovery of lower quality material
Increased process productivity
Flexibility – delivering heterogeneous batches of material in a short period of time
►Possibility of external installation without masonry work and any building permission
► Use of heat and energy sources already available to the user
►  mobile, easily displaced equipment
► Our customers become partners, and are looked after with the utmost care.
► The user is a great expert in the field of drying and his work is a valuable source of knowledge that can be shared with other users.
► The control system is also an information-gathering system, which, thanks to its technology, becomes a database that can be used for problem-solving and innovation
► Technicians can remotely monitor the process, prevent faults and suggest any corrective actions
► Technicians can remotely monitor the process, prevent faults and suggest any corrective actions

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