Beautiful, ecological and thermal insulating wooden garden houses: 3 secrets for quality products

The garden is a space to live in every season of the year and to be used as a real extension of the house. If in the summer months it can offer a pleasant corner of relaxation, to be enjoyed on a deckchair, a hammock or an outdoor armchair, with the arrival of the colder season it can be used to store work tools or the firewood that there will accompany you on cold winter evenings. These are materials that need places sheltered from rain and humidity. Those who do not want to face the costs and burdens necessary for a masonry structure will find their perfect ecological solution in the wooden house. These are elements that, with a lower cost for the realization, offer a great number of advantages. They are beautiful to look at, anti-seismic, able to integrate perfectly into the surrounding environment because they are built with the green material par excellence and able to adapt to every need for space and style.

The natural wooden houses are functional and aesthetically beautiful and, if built in a workmanlike manner, they ensure the maintenance of their original splendor for many years. In fact, we must not forget that these are structures made of wood and intended for outdoor spaces, so it is essential to choose them from producers who can guarantee the highest quality timber appropriately treated with highly controlled automated procedures.

Made in Italy wooden houses

The quality of Made in Italy wooden houses is given by the combination of quality of the wood and adequate treatments. If on the one hand it is essential to have a product made with precious woods, such as the most precious Finnish Nordic spruce, on the other hand it is necessary to guarantee customers a product designed to remain exposed to atmospheric agents. We mentioned Nordic silver fir because it is considered, by far, the best wood in the world for outdoor constructions that are able to defy time and bad weather. But having one of the best woods available would be of no use, if we could not guarantee our customers a wooden house subjected to heat treatment.

This process allows you to have many benefits, including:
- dimensional stability increase, up to 60% more
- greater thermal and acoustic insulation
- change of durability class and wood use class
- homogeneous color change over time
- odorless and waterproof wood
In practice, a wooden house made with elements subjected to heat treatment allows you to have in your garden a structure that is able to resist atmospheric agents much more than one made with woods subjected to inadequate treatments, but also to maintain its design for a long time. , without showing more or less light areas but maintaining its uniform look over the years.

Living inside a house built with all the attention will allow you to have healthy and safe environments: not only will the wood prove odorless and waterproof, but it will also guarantee greater insulation from the outside, thus allowing those who live it to obtain a ideal living comfort with reduced consumption of gas and energy (and therefore a gesture of environmental protection linked to lower CO2 emissions).

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